Review: Nabla Cosmetics Freedomination Collection

Review: Nabla Cosmetics Freedomination Collection

Nabla Freedomination Collection
Nabla Cosmetics recently launched their Freedomination Collection and the brand generously sent it to me to try! Included in the collection are a variety of new shades of Diva Crime lipsticks, Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Eyeshadows/Eyeshadow Refills, Blossom Blush, Shade & Glow, Dazzle Liner, and 2 customizable Liberty Palettes! Before I say too much more, let’s take a look at all the amazing new products in this collection!

The Collection

Diva Crime Lipstick (€ 12,90)
Nabla Freedomination Diva Crime Lipsticksk

  • Bohéme: Rosy mauve
  • Perfect Day: Red Velvet cake
  • Goa: Metallic rose terracotta
  • Reverse: Dusty lilac

Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick (€ 14,90)
Nabla Freedomination Liquid Matte Dreamy Lipsticks
Nabla Freedomination Dreamy Liquid Lipstick Swatches

  • Fetish Mauve: Mauve. Matte
  • Antimatter: Rose gold. Metal

Eyeshadows/Eyeshadow Refills (Price varies)
Shades: Millennium, Freestyler, Mystic, On The Road, Alchemy, Virgin Island, Lotus, Eresia, New Heaven, Blue Velvet

Blossom Blush compact/Shade & Glow compact (€ 13,90)
Nabla Shade & Glow & Blossom Blush

  • (Shade & Glow): Onoi, Obsexed.
  • (Blossom Blush): Habana, Happytude

Dazzle Liner (€ 11,90)
Nable Freedomination Dazzle Liner
Nabla Freedomination Dazzle Liner Swatches

  • Crystal: Light blue duochrome with a gold-silver sheen
  • Purity: Mother-of-pearl duo chrome.

Liberty Palette
Nabla Cosmetics Liberty Palette
Nabla Cosmetics Liberty Palette

  • Liberty Four Freedomination (€ 4,50)
  • Liberty Six Freedomination (€ 7,00)


The Nabla Cosmetics Freedomination Collection is available on NABLACOSMETICS.